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Yokotaya kiln cup

Yokotaya kiln cup

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A cup that can be used freely for cold drinks, hot drinks, coffee, tea, beer, anything. It is a cup that is very easy to hold and has a good taste. It's pretty convenient! Candy Auguster.

Diameter cm7.5 Height 9.5cm Bottom diameter 6cm

Yokotaya kiln

Yokotaya kiln opened in 2002 by Minoru Chibana. This is a privately owned kiln, which is rare in Yachimun no Sato.

If you go through the narrow path in the forest, you will find five consecutive climbing kilns in the back of the wooden workshop. Over the course of six years, the whole family worked together to create a studio and kiln in an undeveloped area where bamboo grows thickly. Mr. Chibana trained at Omine Hosei Kiln in Yomitanzan together with the Matsuda brothers of Kitagama, and later became independent. It features bold patterns and colors.

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