I started shipping internationally.

I started shipping internationally.

Hello! Overseas Customers, welcome to "Northern Morning Store"


I’ll sell wonderful products made by Japanese pottery.
I would like to deliver good quality and traditional Japanese hand-crafted potteries from Japan.

 When shipping overseas, I use this specialized delivery company,
 "TENSO JAPAN" to get the best and most comfortable delivery for you.


When shipping overseas, please note the following:
*Domestic shipping fee will be charged at Northern Morning Store
*We do not accept cash-on-delivery.
*Delivery cannot be made on a specific date and time.


The first step is to register with TENSO JAPAN. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your cooperation.


Once your registration is complete, you will receive a Japanese forwarding address from TENSO JAPAN.
Please enter this address when you check out at “Northern Morning Store",
I will send the your orders to that address.
TENSO JAPAN will then arrange for delivery to your overseas home where you live.

*You must pay international shipping costs with TENSO JAPAN.


TENSO JAPAN will send your package by EMS (Express Mail Service) mainly.
Delivery fee will be calculated according to the weight and country / region. Total weight must include much packing materials and the carton box to protect your items for long journey. So., those weights 1~1.5kg add to your product's weight = Total weight. Please understand we will try to do our best to deliver to you safely.



Import & Custom Tax;
You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses if any.


Refund or Return;
After sending out your items, I will not accept a refund basically. Because the products are handmade. Each one is different and not same shape, colours and picture etc. So., the image in the photo in the product page is just for your reference. That's why I do not accept refund by that reasons like image is not same as yours etc.  But in case any damage or loss, it will be covered by guarantees of EMS or courier companies. If you find your package has any damages please contact  within 2 days (72hours) upon arrival. Please keep damage items and all boxes and packing materials just in case.


If you have any inquiries., please do not hesitate to contact me!

Hope your good shopping!
Masao, Northern Morning Store

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