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Kengo Matsuda ー 8-sun plate②

Kengo Matsuda ー 8-sun plate②

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If you have a family of 3-4 people, it's just the right size to serve the main side dish. It's a hearty dish that accepts anything from meat, fish, and vegetables.

Diameter 24cm Height 5cm



Kengo Matsuda

1991 Born in Okinawa Prefecture
After graduating from high school, he started working at Yomitanzan Yaki North Kiln and Matsuda Yoneji Koubou.
In addition to making pottery at the studio, we also produce individual works,
Participate in special exhibitions irregularly,
Opened "tou cafe and gallery" at home with father Yoneji

North kiln of Yomitanyama pottery
Mr. Yoneji Matsuda and Mr. Kyoji Matsuda, who trained at the workshop of Yomitanyama ware,
Mr. Masataka Miyagi and Mr. Masamori Yonahara became independent,
A joint kiln opened in Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture in 1992,
The 13-chamber climbing kiln is the largest in Okinawa Prefecture.


There are individual differences because they are all handmade. Individual differences such as cracks (pattern-like cracks on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (iron is oxidized and turned into black spots when baked), unevenness of glaze, etc. Please understand in advance so that you can capture it as a facial expression.

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