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Studio coque 5.5 inch hexagonal dish

Studio coque 5.5 inch hexagonal dish

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Kokyu-sama's container has a very nice primitive impression. This is a hexagonal plate with an inlaid arrow feather pattern on the rim. The color and texture of the rough red clay gives a warm feeling, and the arrow feather pattern makes the food look more delicious.
The angular shape of the hexagonal plate is very fresh on the dining table.

Diameter 16 (side to side) ~ 17.5 (corner to corner) cm Height 3.0 cm


Kokyu Kokyu (Yukiko Shibahara)

Since 2001, he has studied under Yomitanzan Yaki Hokugama (Masamori Yonahara) and Pottery Makiya (Osamu Makiya).

At Kitagama, he worked as the head of the studio and acquired solid skills and traditional techniques.

In 2010, he built “Kokyu Studio” in Yomitan village.

They create pottery that is neat and beautiful, with very attractive decorations and patterns, characterized by a unique appearance that retains the texture and atmosphere of the soil.

While inheriting the strength of pottery, Mr. Shibahara's unique gentleness and ease of use are reflected in the pottery.

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