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Ontayaki Mug Cup Black

Ontayaki Mug Cup Black

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Ontayaki It is a mug cup with a comb. A feeling of size that is not too big is perfect for daily coffee time. We recommend purchasing a set of different colors.

Length 8cm Height 8cm

About Ontayaki

It is baked in the Onta Sarayama area (Sarayama, Genei-cho, Hita City) located in the mountains of Hita City, Oita Prefecture. Even today, hand-made pottery is continued without the use of machines, and the pottery technique was designated as an important intangible cultural property of Japan in 1995. Currently, 5 out of 10 kilns are operated as joint kilns, and 5 are operated as individual kilns. At NMSTORE, we sell wonderful Ontayaki products purchased from these joint kilns under the "Ontayaki brand". .

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