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Issui Kiln - Hego Kiiro - Medium

Issui Kiln - Hego Kiiro - Medium

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The middle plate is a convenient size that can be used as a main dish for one person or as a small side dish. Since it is flat , it can be stacked, so you will want to have several for your family and guests.

It's a vessel that makes you feel better every time you use it. There are many designs, so you will want to collect them in different colors and patterns. A rectangular plate that is just the right size and perfect for everyday use.

About 20.5 x 14.5 cm


Issui kiln Mr. Shinya Takahata

1976 Born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
After wandering around India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia,

Moved to Okinawa in 2002
Studied Tsuboya pottery at Toshio Kinjo kiln in Yomitan Village
Independence Built Issui kiln

In addition to traditional glazes, colorful glazes such as red and yellow are used to create unique designs that can only be made by Issui kiln.

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