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Kimano pottery - rice bowl 4 inch - ao

Kimano pottery - rice bowl 4 inch - ao

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A rice bowl that fits comfortably in your hand, and the size of 4 inches is perfect for a woman's rice bowl. It has plenty of depth, so it can be used for bowls, and it is also large enough for men to use.

This is a vivid Gosu fireworks pattern, and the pattern on the inside seems to add color to the rice (this is without Janome).

I think that you will be able to feel Kimano Pottery's solid craftsmanship, such as the sense of stability when you hold it in your hand and the rounded edges.

*Due to the rising cost of raw materials, the price is slightly higher. Thank you for your understanding.

Diameter 12cm Height 6.5cm

Kimano Pottery In the fall of 2020, the workshop “Kimano Pottery” will open in Namatame, Mashiko Town. The glaze and clay are handcrafted from scratch using natural materials, and are produced using traditional methods cultivated in Okinawa. It is a vessel that expresses the techniques cultivated in Okinawa with the clay and glaze of Mashiko.

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