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Hyougama - Elliptical bowl - Tricolor dots

Hyougama - Elliptical bowl - Tricolor dots

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Larger than a small bowl, it is just the right size to serve side dishes and salads for one person.
The oval shape is rare, and it is a convenient vessel that fits easily on the dining table.

The three-colored dot pattern is also very gentle, and it is a pattern that can be used as an accent.

16cm×11cm Height 4.5cm


Mr. Kosuke Hatada, the maker of Hyogama

Yomitan Village North Kiln 10 years of training at Kyoji Matsuda Studio ,
Then Yanbaru Forest Kiln opened in Izumi,
Returned to Yomitan village in 2015 and now

Familiarity with daily life and ease of use
Making pottery centering on miscellaneous items while keeping in mind
The gentle painting that shows the personality of the maker is very impressive.

There are individual differences because they are all handmade. The product image and the delivered product are not exactly the same. Individual differences such as cracks (pattern-like cracks on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (iron is oxidized and turned into black spots when baked), unevenness of glaze, etc. Please understand in advance so that you can capture it as a facial expression.

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