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Satomi Miyano - Plate ④

Satomi Miyano - Plate ④

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Miyano's pottery made using heat-resistant clay.

Advantages of heat-resistant dishes

・Oven ​​and range can be used

・There is no need to serve after cooking, and you can use it as it is at the dining table.

 As a point of caution

・Because heat-resistant soil is used, water soaks in more easily than general pottery.

・When using as a heat-resistant plate, dry it well before using.

・When using as a heat-resistant plate, please be aware that the plate will become very hot.


The rim plate is about 7 cm in size, and the characteristic thickness of the vessel gives it a very warm feeling. It is a plate with a size and design that is useful for pasta, curry, oven dishes, etc.

Diameter 20cm Height 3.5cm


Satomi Miyano

2015 Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design, Department of Crafts, Ceramics Course

Studied under Tomoo Hamada of Mashiko, who was interested in British slipwear and had a deep connection with England.

2019 Traveled to England after completing training at Hamada Kiln

Learn slipware from Clive Bowen at Chevia Pottery in Devon

2020 First solo exhibition at "Gallery St. Ives" in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Using the technique of slipware, I am mainly making pottery that is heat-resistant and fired at a low degree.

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