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Kaori Sasaki (Nohara-ya) - 7-sun plate - Dotting (without janome)

Kaori Sasaki (Nohara-ya) - 7-sun plate - Dotting (without janome)

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A 7-sun plate with a strong presence, and a bold dotted pattern is a very attractive plate. There are various uses such as 7-inch plates that are active at the daily dining table, serving plates and plates for one person.

It is also very useful in our home, and the dining table is gorgeously colored.

This is the non-snake type.

Diameter 21.5cm Height 5cm


Kaori Sasaki (Noharaya)

Living in Kagoshima, he was apprenticed to Master Yoneji Matsuda during the early days of Yomitan Sanboku Kiln in Okinawa, and after 10 years of training, he opened his kiln in Satsumasendai City in 2006 in his hometown of Kagoshima. Using the techniques he learned in Okinawa, he is particular about local materials, and always pursues things that can only be born there, and produces daily utensils.

There are individual differences because they are all handmade. The product image and the delivered product are not exactly the same. Individual differences such as cracks (pattern-like cracks on the surface), pinholes (small holes), iron powder (iron is oxidized and turned into black spots when baked), unevenness of glaze, etc. Please understand in advance so that you can capture it as a facial expression.

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