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Nomo Pottery Factory - Small plate - Flying fish pattern ⑦

Nomo Pottery Factory - Small plate - Flying fish pattern ⑦

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The perimeter of the plate is finished with a traditional flying planer, and Nomoto's typical fish crest is engraved in the center.

Fish patterns, which are representative of Okinawa's traditional patterns, are said to bring prosperity to descendants and are considered to be very auspicious.

This is a palm-sized small plate. It is convenient for placing pickles and condiments, placing nuts and cheese on alcohol side dishes, and serving as a soy sauce plate.

It's a lovely little plate that can be used in many ways.

Diameter 9.5cm Height 2.5cm


Nomo Pottery Factory

The creator is Shu Nomoto, who trained at a pottery castle (Gusuku) in Yachimun no Sato, and then set up a workshop in Yomitan Village, Nakakita District, Okinawa Prefecture. Speaking of Mr. Nomoto, he is famous for his brightly colored bowls made from Augusya.

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