Born in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1969. Built four climbing kilns in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture and currently working on pottery.

1992 Studied under Yasuaki Inoue of Shodai-yaki Fumoto Kiln in Kumamoto Prefecture

1998 Further training under Mr. Noriyuki Yamamoto at Iwai Kiln in Tottori Prefecture

Became independent in Asahi Village, Gifu Prefecture in 1999

In 2004, he moved to Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture and built a climbing kiln.

In 2008, it was rebuilt as an Ittekoi kiln.

In 2016, build a new 4-tiered climbing kiln

On a certain day, we met at the station specified by Mr. Saito. After waiting for a few minutes at the station, a crimson car came to pick me up.

Although it was my first time meeting him, I immediately recognized him as Mr. Saito because of his gentle facial features that I am familiar with on social media, so I was able to say hello.

JURO POTTERY on a slightly elevated hill, a few minutes by car from the station, has a large amount of firewood...

It's true that a 4-tier climbing kiln requires a large amount of firewood.

It was my first time to meet with you, and I am very happy that I could talk to you about various things, such as making pottery, clay, and kilns.

Juro-san is synonymous with slipwear.

The relaxed and easy-going style has both a dynamic and powerful side and a delicate side, and I feel that Juro's personality is reflected.

It is a highly creative vessel, but it is also a very useful size and easy to use that is perfect for everyday dining.

In addition to slipware, he has also released many works that incorporate a wide range of expression techniques such as yakijime, black glaze, ash glaze, inlay and chamfering, and magnetism was also attractive. From now on, I would like to introduce Juro's various personalities little by little.

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